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LucasAir Zone Therapy Insole with Triple technology shapes itself after the individual’s foot to provide the right massage, stimulation, and treatment for each unique foot.

Get the feeling of a pleasant, comfortable, and soft massage that increases blood circulation while helping you relieve, and prevent issues with your body.

Suited for sensitive feet and for people who want or need to be able to walk long distances and on hard floors.

Developed by acupuncturists and experts

Based on Zone Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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The LucasAir Zone Therapy Insoles came into being after the inventor himself had suffered from 30 years of flatfoot problems and problems with Morton’s Neuroma. He researched the effect of Zone therapy on the feet and then developed a pair of uniquely designed Zone Therapy Insoles together with several well-known acupuncturists and experts. A pair of LucasAir Zone Therapy Insoles shape themselves to the individual’s foot and using the triple technique (pressure, zone therapy and magnet technology), all foot types get their very own unique treatment. The development of the LucasAir Zone Therapy Insoles is based on traditional Chinese medicine and subsequent further development from commonly used Zone Therapy Insoles / magnetic insoles.

  • More than halv million Swedish users. 

  • More than 1000 references

LucasAir Zone Therapy Insole

Soft and comfortable insoles for walking on hard floors